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Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera Features, Specs & Reviews

Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera first hand experience and reviews after initial use

The announcement of the new Canon EOS R, marking Canon’s first real foot into the mirrorless market. This is Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera, and was announced early September. We, IMASTUDENT.COM was invited to the India launch of the Canon EOS R, and got to spend some time with the new EOS R in our own hands! As a result, we are able to provide hands-on Canon EOS R review.

This review forms our initial impressions from using the camera, and a much more thorough review will be soon to follow. However, it is clear from the moment you pick up this mirrorless camera that it is a serious contender – not just for photographers who shoot mirrorless already, but photographers across the industry that work with different camera formats.

canon eos r mirrorless camera with 24-105mm RF Lenses

Canon EOS R Review: Who is the real user?

The first question to be answered is where this camera is actually aimed. As a full-frame mirrorless camera, it joins the Canon 1DX Mark II, Canon 5D Mark IV, and Canon 6D Mark II in the full-frame DSLR line-up. Canon confirms that this camera is not replacing anything, but instead bringing its own strengths to the line-up.

Canon touted this as a second camera for professionals, and a primary camera for enthusiasts. We would totally agree with this, and as someone who is shooting with a Canon 5D Mark IV already, We're not going to be switching for this particular model just yet. However, a very exciting thing to have heard straight from the mouth of Canon was that this camera is paving the way for the next 30 years of development into mirrorless technology. Not only that, but Canon have promised to release a huge line-up of lenses. That is a big deal, with the potential for everything from wide-angles through to telephotos exploiting the RF mount technology.

canon eos r mirrorless camera view

Canon EOS R Autofocus

Somewhat unsurprising is that the EOS R’s autofocus system is Dual Pixel CMOS AF. That means there’s phase detection focusing. What’s more, the EOS R boasts 5,655 AF positions, as Canon is calling them. These are all selectable and cover 100% of the frame vertically and 88% horizontally.

What’s more, these 5,655 AF positions are all usable down to -6EV.

Eye AF is also present, but only in Single AF mode, not in continuous focusing mode.

Canon EOS R Video Performance

The Canon EOS R is 4K (3840 x 2160) enabled at 29.97, 24, 23.98fps. Furthermore, Full HD (1920 x1080) video looks to be available at up to 59.94fps. You can also record high-speed footage at 120fps, but the resolution drops to 720p.

An HDMI connection is available for 10-bit 4:2:2 output with Canon Log to capture low contrast footage for grading. Canon claims there’s up to 12-stops of dynamic range at ISO 400.

canon eos r mirrorless camera screen

Canon EOS R Build Quality

Canon has kept the design of the EOS R similar to its existing cameras, but has also introduced some new controls. Let’s start with its construction, though.
The EOS R is made from a robust magnesium alloy that feels solid in your hand. It really feels like a quality product. The deep hand grip also fits nicely in your hand. Many of the dials are also made of metal, giving a real premium feel to the design. I was impressed. The camera is also weather-sealed to the same degree as the Canon 6D Mark II.
All of the direct controls you want are (mostly) there. We say mostly because there is no AF joystick. And for a moment we were unsure how to select my AF points through the viewfinder.

Canon EOS R Final Review

We’ve come to expect first-generation technology to be flawed, and some might point to the single SD card slot, ho-hum burst mode or lack of an AF joystick as examples, but if the Canon EOS R’s main job is producing quality images, then it appears very proficient at this.
Colours and tones were beautiful in the images from my limited time with the camera, and we were double-checking the ISO in the metadata to see if our noise-free images really were taken that high up the sensitivity scale.
It’s easy to point at the video specs and say we want 4K at 60, or demand a higher continuous shooting rate. But… this is first-generation technology. And – so far – it’s a superb all-rounder. My guess is that before long we’ll see a video-centric EOS R released, as well as a version built for speed.


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